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2-Axis Puppeteer by Flowcine

Product code: FC-PUP-2-AXIS

Availability: In stock

Quick Overview:

The Puppeteer helps users tilt and roll their rig without effort, almost at the center of gravity, getting rid of the string force normally experienced with the EasyRig and popular gimbals rigged together.


The patent pending 2-Axis Puppeteer is a stabilizer mount made to eliminate the motion coming from the Easyrig cord while walking or running. The unit stabilizes around 2 axis, roll and tilt, and at the same time allows you to easily tilt your gimbal when shooting in follow - or majestic mode, removing the disturbing string force from the Easy cord.

Made from the best materials and bearings on all critical pivot points, the 2-axis Puppeteer ensures a frictionless and smooth operation, removing disturbing motion in both the tilt and roll axis.


Since there are many different types of gimbals, Flowcine has made sure that we have just the right connection brackets to connect the 2-axis Puppeteer to your gimbal; Freefly MoVI and DJI Ronin being the most popular. Users will need the appropriate grip for their gimbal (sold separately)

Top handle grip - DJI Ronin
Handle bar grip - Freefly MoVI

The 2-axis Puppeteer does NOT work with the Letus Helix, if you're a Helix user - please have a look at our Puppeteer for Helix, previously known as the Single Axis Puppeteer.

NOTE: The 2-axis Puppeteer ships without any of the grips above. The grips are purchased separately.

Additional Information

Includes Flowcine 2-Axis Puppeteer only
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