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IBE Optics


About IB/E Optics

New Large Sensor Technology

Based in Germany, IB/E Optics produces optics in various fields including cinema, still photography, medicine and manufacturing. All mechanical systems are mounted and measured to maintain the optimal optical parameters held by IB/E Optics.

Cinema Solutions

High Performance Cinema Lenses and Adaptors

The movement towards larger format sensors is still in progress. Examples include RED Weapon 6K and 8K, Sony Venice, Sony A7 or ARRI’s new ALEXA65. Larger sensors deliver the film-look and an interesting bokeh due to their very shallow depth of field. These new cameras require lenses that can cover the larger sensor sizes.

Universal Mount Adaptor

Universal Mounting System (UMS)

The Universal Mounting System (UMS) allows the reassembly IB/E adapter such as the VVx2 and the Raptor Macro Prime Lenses to other mounts besides the PL. This expands their use considerably.

Optical Extenders

Both the PLx2Vista and VVx2 are optical extender that doubles the focal length of the most PL lenses.

Velociter - Speed Booster.

The Velociter x0.8 optical converter reduces the focal length of the RAPTOR macro lenses by 0.8x. At the same time, it increases the lens speed by almost 1 stop. The RAPTOR 100mm T2.9 becomes a 80mm T2.3, for example.

Raptor Macro Prime Lenses

The RAPTOR lens family from IB/E OPTICS offers a macro prime lens set with 3 focal lengths 100 mm, 150 mm, 180 mm.

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