Orca Bags offers protective accessories for cameras, audio bags and operators that can withstand rain, dust and other environmental hazards. Protect your investment this season and take advantage of the special offers included in the Orca Bags Winter Sale.

Sale Starts Feb. 1st, 2019 and runs through Feb. 28th, 2019. While supplies last at participating Orca Bags Dealers. To find a dealer near you, visit:
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While Supplies Last
Purchase an OR-48 ORCART and receive a free OR-110. 
Valid 2/1/2019 through 2/28/2019. 

OR-110 Protective ORCART Cover

The new OR-110 Protective Cover was designed to secure the OR-48 ORCART during field and air transportation. The cover also features an opening for the trolley handle & external label/business card mesh pocket.
Save Up to 20% Off

OR-35 Rain Cover

Ideal for rain or dust protection, the Orca Audio Bag Cover is easy to use and made from transparent TPU material for maximum visibility.

OR-112 XL Production Umbrella

Need a great solution for protecting your production gear, for unexpected weather? The new Productions Umbrella XL was designed to protect the user and their gear while working outdoors.
Save up to 20% off
OR-100 Series Camera Rain Covers - 4 Size Options
The Orca Rain Cover is designed to cover and protect video cameras from rain, dust and the elements when shooting outdoors. All Orca Rain Covers feature track mounting system for on camera lights, inflatable skeleton with valve, a mic sleeve, a sleeve and bungee cord for your camera view finder and is made of transparent material (TPU).

The Orca Rain Cover comes in 4 different sizes: the OR-100OR-102OR-104 and the OR-106.
Save up to 20% off
OR-33 and OR-36 Audio Bag Protective Covers
The Orca Audio Bag Environmental Covers are designed to protect your Orca Audio Bag from dust and rain during transport. The cover is durable, easy to use and extremely lightweight. Ideal for keeping the elements and accidental spills away from your expensive equipment.

The Orca Audio Bag Environmental Cover comes in 2 different models: OR-33 andOR-36.