Introducing the new 16x9 Cinelock ARRI* Spacer

Mounts directly onto industy standard ARRI style mounting points securely and quickly. Fasten the spacer to the bottom
Cinelock using new hardware for a rock solid grip.

New for NAB 2018, 16x9 Inc. introduced the new Cinelock ARRI Spacer as well as the 16x9 Kong Adaptor for Easyrig in 3 options: with a 1/4" 20 threaded eyebolt, 3/8" threaded eyebolt or without additional hardware. All of the new products are instock and available now.

16x9 Cinelock with ARRI Spacer on Movcam top handle

16x9 Kong Adaptor with Easyrig camera hook
16x9 Inc. Kong Adaptor
For Easyrig
Here by popular demand, the 16x9 Inc. Kong Adaptor for Easyrig is now available. Quickly add this accessory without modification to your Easyrig by mounting it onto the camera hook. 

Need to streamline? Remove the camera hook and run the line directly to the Kong Adaptor. Tie off the line, mount your eyebolt to your camera handle and you're ready to go.
The teams Easyrig, Movcam, Orca Bags and Flowcine were at NAB showcasing their best-selling products as well as introducing new prototypes. Final product announcements will go out as soon as the products are available for purchase.
Movcam SGU-1
Movcam showcased new wireless accessories and the new DarkTower Wireless Video System.
Flowcine Tranquilizer XL
Flowcine shows the Dual Black Arm as well as the new x-Arm.
Johan @ NAB 2018
Johan brought the new Gimbal Flex Vest as well as new accessories like the Quick Release and Serene Line Guide.