New Arrivals

OR-21 Camera Backpack

The new Orca backpack was designed to hold small cameras like the Sony PXW-X70, Z-150, Panasonic UX-90, EVA 1 , Mini Alexa, URSA mini and similar size cameras. The bag is well padded and features 5 huge external pockets to store tons of accessories.

The backpack straps are well ventilated and padded to support heavy loads. The backpack also offers a padded carrying handle, two buckles to allow connection of a shoulder strap if needed (shoulder strap is not included) and a bungee cord system to secure a small tripod. The backpack can store up to a 15” laptop in a padded compartment.

Customizable internal divider system
Back covered with built in rain cover
OR-65 Hardshell Accessory Case - XX Small

The smallest of the hardshell family of Orca Bags, (OR-65,OR-66,OR-67,OR-68 & OR-69), was designed to carry and protect sensitive equipment on location. The XX Small Hardshell Case can store wireless systems, small hard drives, small on camera lights and more.

OR-81 Sand Bag | OR-81B Water Bladder

The new Orca water/ sand bag was designed to help carry sand bags to any location with an option to fill the bag with water or sand. How many times have you needed a sand bag and due to the fact it was too heavy to fly with you purchased one locally and left it on location. Now you can use the new design of the Orca sand bag and carry it with no extra weight.

The bag is made from durable material with extra reinforced binding strap all the way around and features dual layers of hook and loop fasteners to avoid any sand leakage. Each OR-81 Sand/Water Bag can hold up to 2 OR-81B Water Bladders. The OR-81B Water Bladder is sold separately and can hold up to 4.25L of water. With 2 Water Bladders, the OR-81 Sand/Water Bag has a total weight of 20 lbs when filled with water.

OR-132 Lens and Accessory Bag - Small

The new Orca Bags Lens and Accessories Bag (Small) was designed to carry and protect many types of sensitive equipment such as: Lenses, recording devices, chargers, batteries, small lights, small cameras, matte boxes, follow focuses, small monitors and more. The bag is well protected on all sides and has 4 large external pockets to store gear, the Orca padded shoulder strap, business card holder and padded carrying handle.

On the inside of the bag, the top flap features 4 mesh pockets. Also on the inside, the bag comes with a small tray to store a laptop or tablet, 4 internal removable dividers and small bungee cord to secure a camera or other gear to the bag.    

OR-430, OR-432 & OR-434 Hardshell Boom Pole Protective Cases

The new Orca Hard Shell Boom Pole Protective Case features unique thermoforming technology and provides great protection for boom poles. The bag includes a well padded interior and a detachable shoulder strap. The stored boom pole is secured on the inside with two "hook & loop" straps. At the upper inside part of the Boom Pole Case are two rubber straps to hold the boom pole cable or connectors.

The new Hard Shell Boom Pole Case is available in 3 different sizes: Small, Medium and Large. The OR-430, OR-432 and OR-434 will fit most boom poles from the following manufacturers: VDB, PSC, K-TEK and more.

Model Internal: Inches External: Inches Weight: Lb
OR-430 L: 23.5"
W: 2.1"
H: 2.3"
L: 24.8"
W: .14"
H: 3.14"
OR-432 L: 29"
W: 2.16"
H: 2.36"
L: 30"
W: 3.14"
H: 3.14"
OR-434 L: 37.40"
W: 2.16"
H: 2.36"
L: 38.1"
W: 3.14"
H: 3.14"